Thursday, March 2, 2017

A little back story. Nigel absolutely loves Marvel. He has action figures, clothing, room decorated, etc. So when suicide squad came out we let him watch it. He is loving the sound track. He remembers every line from the movie and recites it when he hears the music.
So this morning like every morning we go through our routine and shower, teeth, get dressed, etc. (having a autistic child is routine, routine, routine) We get in the truck and he puts on his soundtrack and pick his song and to the bus stop we go. When the bus pulls up he gets our and say "Creedence please" I put on Fortunate Son. As Nigel gets out of the truck he says  "turn it up" smiles and says "Have a great day mom" I love this kid. He is amazing. And absolutely everyday he does something to make my heart smile. And reassures me that we are doing a great job raising him. 
Have a great day everyone. "changing the world one child at a time"

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